Beany Joker boots

27/28 - 31/32

Beany Joker are the smallest snowboard boots on the market for children who are only discovering the joy of snowboarding. The youngest snowboarders need high-quality, light and waterproof boots to enjoy the snow and the time on snowboard right from the very beginning.

Thanks to their double size system you can enlarge the boots a full size by simply removing one insole and you need not worry about new boots for the next season.


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EVA material outsole offers reliable support and beter feel for the ride. The boot  fits great with binding. Joker was designed to endure freezing temperatures and absorb recurrent shocks.

For quicker and easier putting on of the boots by even the smallest riders there is no inner liner. 

Velcro lacing/fastening is so easy to use kids will be able to get ready for riding themselves. 

How to choose Joker boot size?

Measured food length [mm]
150 155 160 165 170 175 180 185 190
27/28 27/28 27/28 29/30 29/30 29/30 31/32 31/32 31/32
Matching Joker boot size [EU] to order

Technical info& technologies

Stiffness 2 / 10
Shoe nepromokavá syntetická kůže a speciální textílie
Sole vysoce odolná gumová podrážka tvarovaná pro perfektní fit s vázáním
Lacing velcro



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Size chart

How to choose the right boot size?

Measured Foot Length [mm] 150 155 160 165 170 175 180 185 190
Matching Joker boot size [EU] to order 27/28 27/28 27/28 29/30 29/30 29/30 31/32 31/32 31/32