Beany One binding

XS/S - pro velikost bot EUR 32-37 (200-235mm)

Beany ONE binding fits both the beginners and slightly advanced kids – all the young riders who want to improve their snowboarding skills.

Thanks to its high resilience, One is also great for snowboard rentals and schools. The binding forgives mistakes and ensures safe fastening of the rider to the snowboard.



1 095 €

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Technical info& technologies

Stiffness 3 / 10
Baseplate Asymetrický baseplate
Hi-back Stavitelný hi-back
Ankle-strap Ankle–strap polstrovaný, anatomický, stavitelný
Toe-strap Toe-strap stavitelný
Disc set 4x4 cm
Buckles Pumpy z polykarbonátu


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