Beany Teen I Snowboard Set

Beany Teen I snowboard set.

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Beany Spectre snowboard

Beany Spectre is one of the most playful boards for young snowboarders who enjoy rollicking both on pistes and in snowparks.

Its zero FLAT bend lends this board almost a freestyle feeling. It is easy to control and extremely playful. Thanks to Spectre, your kid will feel at home on the slope.


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Beany Pasta snowboard

Beany Pasta belongs to the family of snowboards with the ever-so-popular flat profile due to which Pasta simply forgives nearly all beginners' mistakes and is easy to control. All-wood core, preciselly grinded, makes sure rider is in full control of the board.


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Beany Party snowboard

Attractive, lightweight and perfectly soft kids’ snowboard. Party snowboard is an excellent choice for all young snowboarding beginners. An all-wood core specially grinded ensures the snowboard is soft and playful but stable when riding through a turn at the same time. 


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Beany Birdie snowboard

Beany Birdie surprises and attracts the attention thanks to its original design. We have used the best features of the kids's and junior snowboards: the all-wood and specifically ground core, biaxial lamination and CAP construction. All of that ensures comfort, stability and fun while riding.


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Snowboard Beany Action

Beany Action is a great snowboard designed for experienced riders – those who want to enjoy turning on slopes or jumps in snowparks.

All of that thanks to the FLAT profile and extraordinary construction. The whole-wood core and biaxial lamination are a matter of course at such a precision snowboard.


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Beany Teen binding

Beany Teen binding boasts of invaluable properties – it is very light and it provides sensitive support during the ride. Special composition of its polycarbonate mixture ensures optimum firmness and flexibility, as if tailored to the low weights of young snowboarders.

Transition of the force from the foot to the snowboard is a piece of cake with Teen. The riders therefore safely control their movement in any terrain.


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Beany Ninja boots

The design of Beany Ninja boots emphasizes the needs of young riders. They are sufficiently soft, light and comfortable for the day-long snowboarding.

The new ATOP reel knob lacing system makes it easy to fasten the boots even in gloves. The light and reliable EVA sole offers perfect springing and keeps the rider's feet warm the whole day long.


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