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BEANY Tree + vázání Vist junior 75

Beany Tree skis – that's what any cool girl-skier needs! She will attract attention thanks to her ride as well as to the beautiful skis with their unique design. The all-wood core skis enable skiing in more challenging terrains, rapid and dynamic ride and first experience with slalom races. The TRICKSY ROCKER shape gives the ride flexibility and comfort.

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185 €



BEANY skis are all-wood skis with preciselly crafted and grinded wood core and specific fiberglas layering. We call this technology  RESPONSIVE TECHNOLOGY.  Skis with this production technology are lightweight and soft in flex while retaining their torsional stiffness.

TRICKSY ROCKER profile gives the ride flexibility, ease of control and comfort. Use of both of these technologies makes sure that the ski is great for picking-up the very basics of skiing as well as for making the most of the already well developed skiing skills and expert rides. 

How to choose the right size

Size Details

SIZE(CM)            RADIUS(M)                  NOSE WIDTH(MM)    WAIST WIDTH(MM)  TAIL WIDTH(MM)
70cm       3        100           65       86
80cm       4        101          65       87
90cm      5,1        102          65       88
100cm      6,3        103          65       89
110cm       7,5        104          65       90
120cm       8,5         105          65       91
130cm       10         106          65       92
140cm       12         107          65       93
Detailed specifications

BEANY Tree + vázání Vist junior 75

Detailed specifications

  • Stiffness
    2 / 10
  • Profile
    Tricksy rocker
  • Technology
    Extruded base
  • Core
    Celodřevěné jádro
  • Lamination
    Biaxiální laminát
  • Base
    Extrudovaná skluznice
  • Construction
  • Brand

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BEANY Tree + vázání Vist junior 75

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