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New version of the Beany ZERO 12 pushbike ranking among the lightest balance bikes on the market weights just 2.7 kg. The frame's smart geometry naturally ensures child's healthy and comfortable position behind the handlebars.

Frame size
Suitable for kids
75 - 95 cm
Wheel diameter

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199 €



Everyone needs to start somehow. When driving on two wheels, it is best with the Beany ZERO 12 balance bike. It is clear from our experience that children learn to keep their balance, operate the handlebars to change direction and brake very quickly with their hands. As the future cyclists are not yet pedaling, they can fully concentrate on honing their riding techniques, improving their physique and at the same time enjoying the intoxicating feeling of free movement. After the initial touch of the riding technique, the child is guaranteed to explore and try in full the possibilities that the balance bike offers - speed, skids, jumps, and so on. But don't worry, we've already developed the frame geometry in collaboration with pediatric physiotherapists to ensure a healthy and comfortable position for the child behind the handlebars. In addition, we narrowed the diameter of the handlebars and adjusted the size and position of the brake so that the child's hand could reach it without any problems. With a weight of 3 kg, the Beany ZERO 12 is also one of the lightest balance bikes on the market.

When designing the ZERO 12 balance bikes, we focused mainly on making it light, perfectly controllable and meeting the ergonomic needs of the child in the spirit of all BEANY wheels. We managed to fulfill all this. BEANY ZERO 12 the great springboard into the cycling world. Your child will love the ride.

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty

We absolutely believe in our products, so we provide a 4-year warranty on the wheel frame and fork, i.e., the most stressed components. The load capacity of the Beany ZERO 12 balance bike is up to 40 kg thanks to the materials used and their processing.

Easy bike assembly

Easy bike assembly

The bike will arrive completely set up by our mechanic, packed in a hard cardboard box to prevent unwanted damage during transport. At home, all you have to do is put on the front wheel and handlebars. Don't worry, it's easy and really anyone can do it thanks to the video instructions for assembling Beany bikes, which we shot for you.

Push bike geometry

Push bike geometry

  • a
    Maximum saddle height

    440 mm

  • b
    Minimum saddle height

    320 mm

  • c
    Maximum handlebar height

    460 mm

  • d
    Top tube horizontal

    270 mm

  • f
    Wheel base

    545 mm

  • g
    Head tube angle


  • h
    Seat tube angle


  • j
    Chain stay length

    210 mm

  • k
    Seat tube length
  • l
    BB height
Maximum saddle height Minimum saddle height Maximum handlebar height Top tube horizontal Wheel base Head tube angle Seat tube angle Chain stay length Seat tube length BB height
Detailed specifications


Detailed specifications

  • Frame size
  • Suitable for kids
    75 - 95 cm
  • Wheel diameter
  • Weight
  • Headset
  • Stem
    Solely.jr alloy
  • Handlebar
    Solely.jr alloy
  • Rear brake
    V-Brake alloy Alhonga
  • Front hub
    YU HUB alloy 16H
  • Rear hub
    YU HUB alloy 16H
  • Rim
    Solely.jr alloy
  • Tyres
    Innova 12 x 2"
  • Seat post
    Solely.jr alloy
  • Saddle
  • Max. weight load
    40 kg
  • Brand

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