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We have asked ourselves a few key questions for you: Does a small child belong to a bicycle or is it primarily a whim of parents who are passionate cyclists? And how old should it be to start? Definitely children belong to the bike, it is a healthy sport and a distraction. In about two and a half years, it is an ideal bouncer where they learn to keep their balance and control the handlebars, so from about three years they can "change" on the bike. Can parents overload a child with long distances? "I think that if the terrain and bike are well chosen, the route will not hurt him, even if it is longer - but the most important thing is that he enjoys the ride! Probably no one will take a six-year-old on a six-hour trip. You need to come up with stops and some distractions along the way. If the child does not like it, it will get stuck - before the overload occurs ... It happened to my son, of course - when he was about five years old, in Hungary, after an hour and a half of driving, he lay down in the middle of the road and said that it just doesn't work. (laughs) "says Roman.