About Beany

Beany is a Czech brand specializing in sport goods production uniquely for children. 

As parents we want for our kids only the best in everything - including sport. Goods and equipment produced by us meet the strictest quality criteria. 

What do you do after almost 20 years of experience in trading and manufacturing of sporting goods if you find out that your children and the children of your friends are unable to find a product on the market that would satisfy their requirements in all respects? You simply design it and let it made yourself. This is how we could briefly explain the birth of BEANY - the brand of high quality sports equipment designed uniquely for kids.


We got down to this knowing that we want to produce the goods that are really designed for children, tailored to their needs - not just reduced versions of adult equipment. The kid's sporting goods simply are what we completely focus on – not the necessary evil and rather annoying complementary product line as in case of many others. We know that the needs of children are very different from those of adults.


That is why we look closely for the most appropriate technological procedures and constructions, pay attention to the quality juvenile design, reduce the weight of our products, think about the ease of their control and use, put emphasis on safety ...


We simply want to please both children and their parents.