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Beany snowboards are light and easy to control. Suitable for beginners as well as competitive riders. They are fun to ride on slope, off it or in a park. Snowboarding is at our heart.

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Producing a snowboard tailored to all kids needs, respecting their lower weight and different riding skills, is not an easy task.

Only a few companies do use special technologies when producing snowboards for kids. The usual practice is producing reduced versions of adult equipment really - using same core, same fiberglass lamination, same thickness and stiffness of the materials). A snowboard produced this way is simply too heavy and hard to control for a kid and puts him or her off snowboarding, often for good.

Our RESPOSIVE TECHNOLOGY respects the kids. To reach this we have worked on it for over two years.

RESPONSIVE TECHNOLOGY stands for sophisticated and rigorous wood-core grinding and special fiberglass layering. Snowboards with responsive technology are very lightweight and soft in flex while retaining their necessary torsional stiffness. They are ideal boards for all small riders.