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BEANY Heropunch

Beany HEROPUNCH is a versatile snowboard designed for both beginners and experienced riders. While forgiving certain mistakes to the first ones, it guides the latter through any terrain.

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146 €

Snowboard description

Snowboard description

It is light and sufficiently flexible, with FLAT profile ensuring top stability. BEANY HEROPUNCH is safe for rookies and great for those more advanced alike.

Producing high-quality kids snowboards meeting all children’s needs is not easy, we say. Final product must take into account kids' smaller weight and regard various levels of children’s snowboarding skills with due respect. 

There are just a few companies on the market that bother with using special technologies when producing kids snowboards. The usual practice being  - making the kids equipment just a smaller version of the adult one, with the same core stiffness and thickness, same layering of fiberglass and same general use of material hardness. 

Snowboards produced this way usually discourage children from further riding simply because they are unsuitably stiff, heavy, inflexible and difficult to ride.

We at Beany have been developing our so-called RESPONSIVE TECHNOLOGY for over two years before we were satisfied with the result and dared to use it in the junior and kids snowboard production.

RESPONSIVE TECHNOLOGY stands for sophisticated and very precise wood core grinding and fiberglass layering. Thanks to this technology Beany kids snowboards are lightweight and way less stiff while maintaining very good torsion qualities. 

How to choose the right size

How to choose the right HEROPUNCH size?

Rider's height [cm] Buy the following Heropunch size [cm]
85-100 80
100-110 90
110-115 100
115-125 110
125-130 115
130-135 120
135-140 125
140-145 130
145-150 136
150-160 139
160-165 144
165-170 149
170-175 154
173-185 157W (boot size EU 43 or more)
178-185 159W (boot size EU 43 or more)
183-195 163W (boot size EU 43 or more)
Detailed specifications

BEANY Heropunch

Detailed specifications

  • Type
  • Stiffness
  • Profile
  • Shape
  • Technology
    Responsive technology
  • Core
    Celodřevěné jádro
  • Lamination
    Biaxiální laminát
  • Base
    Extrudovaná skluznice
  • Construction
  • Insert layout
  • Brand

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BEANY Heropunch

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