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BEANY Kid I snowboard set

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Beany BARK belongs to the family of snowboards with the ever-so-popular flat profile due to which BARK simply forgives nearly all beginners' mistakes and is easy to control. All-wood core, preciselly grinded, makes sure rider is in full control of the board.

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BEANY Heropunch

Beany Heropunch is a versatile snowboard designed for both beginners and experienced riders. While forgiving certain mistakes to the first ones, it guides the latter through any terrain.

It is light and sufficiently flexible, with FLAT profile ensuring top stability. BEANY HEROPUNCH is safe for rookies and great for those more advanced alike.

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Allround Beany Hell snowboard is a great board for riders who love traditional camber profile, enjoy riding on well-prepared pistes and opt for speed.

Beany Hell offers stable ride to experienced snowboarders while being sufficiently tolerant to beginners. It is a fair and dextrous board, perfect into any terrain.

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Binding for the smallest riders. One bigger strap with single buckle to fasten - easy to do even with thick warm gloves on your hands.

With a binding so easy to fasten your kid will be yet more independent on the slope.

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Beany Joker are the smallest snowboard boots on the market for children who are only discovering the joy of snowboarding. The youngest snowboarders need high-quality, light and waterproof boots to enjoy the snow and the time on snowboard right from the very beginning.

Thanks to their double size system you can enlarge the boots a full size by simply removing one insole and you need not worry about new boots for the next season.

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BEANY Kid I snowboard set

Snowboardový komplet Beany Kid I.

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BEANY Kid I snowboard set

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