Beany Kid II snowboard set

Beany Kid II snowboard set.

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Beany Pasta snowboard

Beany Pasta belongs to the family of snowboards with the ever-so-popular flat profile due to which Pasta simply forgives nearly all beginners' mistakes and is easy to control. All-wood core, preciselly grinded, makes sure rider is in full control of the board.


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Beany Party snowboard

Attractive, lightweight and perfectly soft kids’ snowboard. Party snowboard is an excellent choice for all young snowboarding beginners. An all-wood core specially grinded ensures the snowboard is soft and playful but stable when riding through a turn at the same time. 


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Beany Birdie snowboard

Beany Birdie surprises and attracts the attention thanks to its original design. We have used the best features of the kids's and junior snowboards: the all-wood and specifically ground core, biaxial lamination and CAP construction. All of that ensures comfort, stability and fun while riding.


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Beany Party RENTAL snowboard

Beany Party Rental snowboards have special modifications to guarantee durability and longevity, which is naturally welcome by rental shops. The snowboards nevertheless remain easy to control and ultimately playful. Special surface treatment prevents scratching of the snowboards. The tip and tail protectors eliminate damaging due to collisions and bumps. Reinforced base and edges extend service life despite necessary repairs and sharpening.


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Beany Kid binding

Beany Kid binding has a single-pump strap with a large pump. It is therefore extremely easy to fasten it even if wearing warm and thick gloves.

Thanks to this gadget, your kid will be a bit more independent on the slope.


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