Beany Junior binding

S - pro velikost bot EUR 32-37 (200-235mm)

The polycarbonate used in the production of Beany Junior is simply ideal for a snowboard binding designated for kids.

Special composition of its polycarbonate mixture ensures optimum firmness and flexibility, as if tailored to the low weights of young snowboarders. Transition of the force from your child's foot to the snowboard is a piece of cake with Junior binding.



67 €

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Personal pickup possible at the warehouse in Vrchlabi only.

Technical info& technologies

Stiffness 3 / 10
Baseplate Polykarbonátový baseplate
Hi-back Stavitelný hi-back
Ankle-strap Ankle–strap anatomicky tvarovaný a polstrovaný EVA materiálem, stavitelný
Toe-strap Toe-strap stavitelný
Disc set 4x4 cm
Buckles Polykarbonát



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